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Name Of Components - Mitsubishi Electric meiki series Instruction Manual

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Table of Contents
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● Check frequently the parts used on the fuel line for cracks or leakage, and replace them
if necessary.
● Remove dirt, grasses or other trash from the cooling fins and the cooling air inlet. (Make
sure to stop the engine and the driven equipment before the cleaning.)
● Make sure to use always new gasoline. (Old gasoline may cause sticky substance
adhering at the inside of carburetor or operation trouble.)
● Before starting the engine, confirm that the area of radius 15 m around it is evacuated
and no tank filled with fuel, or others are not left over.
● Make sure to use only the genuine parts supplied from Mitsubishi Meiki Engine. Use of
parts other than the genuine parts could cause engine trouble or premature abrasion.
Important safety items quoted in this manual do not necessary cover all situations or
conditions that could occur. Although sufficient cares have been taken to assure the safety of
engine, operators or service personnel must observe necessary precautions to operate it
safely and protect themselves from possible dangers.
CAUTIONS ――――――――――――――――――


1 Recoil starter grip
2 Starter lever
3 Cooling air inlet
4 Fuel tank cap
5 Fuel tank
6 Muffler
7 Exhaust outlet
(Types vary depending on the specifications.)
8 Engine switch
(Types vary depending on the specifications.)
9 Clutch
!0 Ignition plug cap
!1 Air cleaner
!2 Carburetor
!3 Priming button
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Table of Contents

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