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Acer Predator 15 User Manual page 89

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gone wrong is by reviewing the monthly statements
provided by your bank and credit card companies for
anything out of the ordinary.
Additionally, many banks and services use fraud prevention
systems that call out unusual purchasing behavior (i.e. if you
live in Texas and all of the sudden start buying refrigerators
in Budapest). In order to confirm these out of the ordinary
purchases, they might call you and ask you to confirm them.
Don't take these calls lightly; this is your hint that something
bad may have happened and you should take necessary
Protect your computer with Windows security tools
Windows provides a variety of protection applications.
Windows Updates
If you have an active internet connection, Windows can
check for important updates for your computer and install
them automatically. These updates include security patches
and program updates that can improve your computing
experience and help protect your computer against new
viruses and attacks.
How do I know when my computer is at risk?
If the Action Center reports an alert, or if your computer
behaves erratically, crashes unexpectedly or if some of your
programs do not work correctly, your computer may be
infected by malicious software. However, do not blame every
computer problem on a virus! If you suspect your computer
is infected, the first thing to do is update, if you have not
already done so, and run your antivirus and anti-spyware
Internet and online security - 89

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