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Acer Predator 15 User Manual page 83

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pre-installed McAfee Internet Security Suite on your
background to block today's complex threats and protect
your identity when you shop, bank, or browse online.
McAfee Internet Security Suite blocks online identity theft,
detects and eliminates spyware, removes viruses and
internet worms, protects against hackers.
What is a virus?
Malicious software, typically called 'viruses', are programs
designed to infect and damage computers. Most viruses are
transmitted over the internet, emails or malicious web sites.
A typical virus will replicate and pass itself undetected to
multiple computers. Other forms of nuisance, such as Trojan
horses, worms or spam can infect your computer in various
ways, using up resources or clogging up a network.
Acer guarantees that your computer was 100% virus free at the
time of purchase and does not cover damages due to viruses.
What is spyware?
Spyware refers to generally unwanted programs that are
downloaded onto your computer while connected to the
internet, often without you knowing it. Once it has infected
your computer, it can snoop on your browsing activity,
collect personal information, cause pop-up ads to appear, or
even change the configuration of your computer. Spyware
consumes resources on your computer; it can slow down
your internet connection or entire computer system, and
even cause crashes.
Spyware is sometimes used by unscrupulous companies to
monitor and track the sites you visit on the internet so as to
determine your web-surfing habits and display targeted
pop-up ads on your screen. However, some kinds of spyware
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