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Acer Predator 15 User Manual page 79

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your telephone line. With a dial-up connection, you cannot
use the modem and the telephone simultaneously on a
single phone line. This type of connection is recommended
only if you have limited use of the internet as the connection
speed is low and connection time is typically charged per
DSL (e.g. ADSL)
DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is an 'always-on' connection
that runs over the phone line. As DSL and phone do not use
the same frequencies, you can use your telephone at the
same time you are connected to the internet (this requires a
'micro-filter' on each telephone socket to avoid interference).
To be eligible for DSL, you must be located near an DSL-
equipped phone exchange (service is sometimes unavailable
in rural areas). Connection speeds vary depending on your
location, but DSL generally provides very fast and reliable
internet connection. As the connection is always-on, it is
generally charged at fixed monthly rates.
A DSL connection requires an appropriate modem. A modem is
usually provided by the ISP when you register. Many of these
modems include an 'router' that provides network and Wi-Fi
A cable connection provides fast and always-on internet
service via a cable television line. This service is generally
available in large cities. You can use your telephone and
watch cable TV at the same time you are connected to the
3G (WWAN or 'Wireless Wide-Area Network')
A 3G connection allows you to use cellular networks (such
as those used by a mobile phone) to connect to the internet
while away from home. The socket for a SIM card may be
built in to your computer, or may require an external device,
Internet and online security - 79

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