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What Is A Microsoft Id (Account); How Do I Check For Windows Updates - Acer Predator 15 User Manual

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74 - Frequently asked questions
How do I install apps?
You can download Windows Store apps from Store. You will
need to have a Microsoft ID to purchase and download apps
from Store.
I can't find apps like Notepad and Paint! Where are they?
Move your cursor to the lower left-hand corner of the
screen and select Search. Type the name of the app you
would like to open. Alternatively, open All apps and scroll to
'Windows Accessories' to see the list of legacy programs.

What is a Microsoft ID (account)?

A Microsoft account is an email address and password that
you use to sign in to Windows. You can use any email
address, but it is best if you choose the one you already use
to communicate with friends and sign in to your favorite
websites. When you sign in to your PC with a Microsoft
account, you'll connect your PC to the people, files, and
devices you care about.
Do I need one?
You do not need a Microsoft ID to use Windows 10, but it
makes life easier because you can sync data across different
machines you sign in to using a Microsoft ID.
How do I get one?
If you've already installed Windows 10 and didn't sign in
with a Microsoft account or you don't have a Microsoft
account and want to get one, press the Windows key or
select the Windows Start button > Settings > Accounts >
Sign in with a Microsoft account, and follow the onscreen

How do I check for Windows updates?

Press the Windows key or select the Windows Start button >
Settings > Update & recovery > Windows Update. Select
Advanced options to configure the settings.

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