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Touchpad; Touchpad Basics; Touchpad Gestures - Acer Predator 15 User Manual

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18 - Touchpad

Touchpad basics

The touchpad controls the arrow (or 'cursor') on the
screen. As you slide your finger across the touchpad, the
cursor will follow this movement.
Press the left or right side of the button located beneath the
touchpad to perform selection and execution functions, or
tap the surface of the touchpad. These two areas are similar
to the left and right buttons on a mouse.
The touchpad is sensitive to finger movement; the lighter the
touch, the better the response. Please keep the touchpad and your
fingers dry and clean.
The cursor is controlled by some basic gestures:
• Single-finger slide: Slide a finger across the
touchpad to move the cursor.
• Single-finger tap: Lightly tap the touchpad with
your finger, to perform a 'click', which will select or
start an item. Quickly repeat the tap to perform a double
tap or 'double click'.
• Drag: Press and hold the left side of the selection button,
or tap twice anywhere on the touchpad, then slide a second
finger across the touchpad to select all items in an area.

Touchpad gestures

Windows 10 and many applications support touchpad
gestures that use one or more fingers.
Support for touchpad gestures depends on the active application.
These allow you to control applications with a few simple
gestures, such as:

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