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Surf The Net; Security - Acer Predator 15 User Manual

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82 - Internet and online security
Turning on/off a wireless network connection
Most computers feature a 'Wi-Fi' button that turns the
network connection on or off. If your computer has wireless
access, but does not feature a Communication button, you
may turn your wireless network on or off, or control what is
shared over the network with the network management
options. Search 'HomeGroup' and then click on HomeGroup.
Using wireless devices while flying in aircraft may be prohibited.
Switch off all devices before boarding an aircraft; they may be
communications, and even be illegal. After take off, ask the cabin
crew if you may enable Wi-Fi.

Surf the Net!

To surf the internet, you need a program called
an internet browser. Internet Explorer provides
an easy and secure web browsing experience. As
soon as you have your internet access installed
and you are connected, from Start, click the
Internet Explorer tile or the icon located on the
desktop and take your internet experience to a new level!
Acer website
To get you started why not visit our website,
Acer is dedicated to provide you with on-going personalied
support. Check out our Support section to get help tailored
to your needs. is your portal to a world of online activities
and services: visit us regularly for the latest information and


You are probably eager to explore everything the internet
has to offer. In order for you to be safe online, Acer has

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