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How Do I Set The Alarm - Acer Predator 15 User Manual

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72 - Frequently asked questions
can drag the tile to an existing group on Start. You can give
the group(s) a name and arrange the tiles within the groups
to suit your needs.
Can I make tiles bigger or smaller?
Yes, you can. Right-click on a tile and select Resize. Select a
size from the menu that appears.
Can I change the screen resolution?
Yes, you can. Move your cursor to the lower left-hand
corner of the screen and type 'Control Panel' in the text box
to display the results; select Control Panel > Adjust screen
resolution. Alternatively, you can also right-click anywhere
on the desktop and select Screen resolution.

How do I set the alarm?

Your computer can act as an alarm clock. Search 'Alarms'
and then select Alarms.
1. Select a name for the alarm.
2.Set the time by choosing the hour and minute.
3.Select AM or PM.
4.Choose which days the alarm should go off.
5.Select the sound notification.
6.Select the snooze time.

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