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Troubleshooting; How Can I Find The Wireless Security Information (Ssid And Network Key); Error Codes/Error Messages - Brother 891-Z02 Setup Manual

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Please do not contact Brother Customer Service for assistance without the wireless security information. We
cannot assist you in locating your network security settings.

How can I find the wireless security information (SSID and Network Key)

1) You should see the documentation provided with your wireless access point/router.
2) The default SSID could be the manufacturer's name or the model name.
3) If you do not know the security information, please consult the router manufacturer, your system
administrator, or internet provider.
The Network Key may also be described as the Password, Security Key or Encryption Key.
If the wireless access point/router is not broadcasting the SSID, the SSID will not automatically be detected. You
will have to manually enter the SSID name.

Error codes/Error messages

The following table contains a list of the various messages that may appear during setup or while registering the
machine with ScanNCutCanvas as well as the appropriate solutions.
Perform the necessary operation according to the instructions in the message or the solution described here.
If the problem persists, contact the retailer who sold you this machine or the nearest authorized service center.
When Setting Up the Wireless Network
Error code
The wireless network setting is not activated.
Activate the wireless network.
See "Activating the Wireless Network" on page 3
The wireless access point/router cannot be detected.
1. Check the following 4 points.
- Make sure that the wireless access point/ router is powered on.
- Move your machine to an area with no items which obstruct the wireless network signal,
such as metal doors or walls, or closer to the wireless access point/router.
- Temporarily place your machine within about 1 m (3.3 feet) from the wireless access point
when you are configuring the wireless settings.
- If your wireless access point/router is using MAC address filtering, confirm the MAC address
of this machine is allowed in the filter.
2. If you manually entered the SSID and security information (SSID/authentication method/
encryption method/Network Key (Password)), the information may be incorrect. Recon-
firm the SSID and security information and re-enter the correct information as neces-
See "How can I find the wireless security information (SSID and Network Key)" on page 11 to



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