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Xerox DocuColor 12 Getting To Know Manual

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Getting to Know Your Product
DocuColor 12 Printer
Product Orientation Guide
Note to Carriers: Open this document and review it page-by-page with your Customer.
January 2001


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Getting to Know Your Product DocuColor 12 Printer Carrier Product Orientation Guide Note to Carriers: Open this document and review it page-by-page with your Customer. January 2001 POG00010...
  • Page 2 Xerox , The Document Company , the digital X and all Xerox products mentioned in this publication are trademarks of Xerox Corporation. Changes are periodically made to this document. Changes, updates, and typographic errors will be corrected in subsequent editions.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Carrier session overview What to expect from the Carrier session Component parts of the DocuColor 12 Printer Component overview Location of the power switch Location of the Ground Fault Protector Location of the serial number plate The User Interface...
  • Page 4 Customer Information Replacing a Dry Ink Cartridge Troubleshooting: When something goes wrong Caring for your DocuColor 12 Printer Resources Frequently asked questions Getting to Know Your Product Product Orientation Guide...
  • Page 5 This section contains a series of self-guided activities designed to increase your product knowledge. It can be used at your own pace. As you complete these activities, you are encouraged to consult the DocuColor 12 Digital Printer User Guide on the Customer Documentation CD-ROM for additional information. Additional training...
  • Page 6: Component Parts Of The Docucolor 12 Printer

    Component parts of the DocuColor 12 Printer Component overview Point out each component as you describe it. See Figure 1. Note: Some items shown are optional accessories and may not be present on the machine you are using. 1. The High Capacity Feeder (optional) holds up to 2000 sheets of 20 lb (75 gsm) paper.
  • Page 7: Location Of The Power Switch

    Location of the power switch Point out the location of the power switch. See Figure 2. 9. The Power Switch is located at the right side of the printer. Press the switch up to turn on the power and press the switch down to turn off the power.
  • Page 8: The User Interface

    The User Interface Identify the components of the user interface. Point out each item as you discuss it. See Figure 5. 1. The UI Panel will display messages depending on print job function. 2. The Contrast Dial is used to adjust the bright- ness of the touch screen.
  • Page 9: Loading Paper In Tray 1

    11 in. paper. The tray can be set to hold A4 paper by your service representative. 1. Face the DocuColor 12 Printer so that you are directly in front of the paper trays. 2. Open the tray by pulling it straight out.
  • Page 10: Loading Paper In Tray 5

    Loading paper in tray 5 Demonstrate how to open tray 5 and load paper. See Figure 8. 1. Open tray 5 by swinging the door down. 2. Extend the tray. 3. Load paper and slide it toward the printer until it stops.
  • Page 11: Document(S) Output

    Document(s) Output Note: Documents may be delivered to the simple catch tray, offsetting catch tray, the sorter/mailbox, or the in-line finisher depending on the options installed. Explain that the optional sorter/mailbox may be used to sort up to 10 prints and will hold up to 100 sheets in each bin.
  • Page 12: Paper Jam Behind The Left Door

    Printer access areas for jam clearance Paper jam behind the left door Show how to open the left side door. See Figure 11. 1. Operate the latch on the door. 2. Swing the door open toward the rear of the printer.
  • Page 13: Paper Jam Behind The Right Door

    Paper jam behind the right door Note: If a sorter/mailbox is present, it must be moved away from the printer before the right hand door can be opened. If present, demonstrate how to move the sorter/ mailbox away from the printer. See Figure 13. 1.
  • Page 14: Clearing A Jam In The Sorter/Mailbox Or In-Line Finisher

    Clearing a jam in the sorter/mailbox or in-line finisher Note: The sorter/mailbox is optional and may not be present on your DocuColor 12 Printer. 1. See Figure 15. Press the top of the sorter/mailbox release lever toward the sorter/mailbox. 2. Pull the sorter/mailbox away from the Docu- Color 12 Printer until it stops.
  • Page 15 Clearing jams behind the front door Demonstrate opening the front door on the printer. See Figure 18. Figure 18 Be careful. The fuser is hot and you may get burned. Point out the access areas inside the printer used for jam clearance.
  • Page 16: Clearing Jams In A Paper Tray

    Clearing jams in a paper tray Note: Always open the left and right doors and clear paper before trying to open the paper tray. Paper partially fed from the tray can tear when the tray is opened. Always open the tray slowly and try to pull gently to remove any jammed paper.
  • Page 17: Control Panel

    Obtaining the Meter Count Demonstrate how to obtain the meter readings. See Figure 21. 1. Press the Administration button ( ) on the control panel. 2. Press the Meters icon on the touch screen. 3. Read the totals on the various meters on the meters display.
  • Page 18 Getting to Know Your Product Product Orientation Guide...
  • Page 19 This concludes the Delivery Crew Instructions. Continue with the Customer Information that is appropriate for your Docucolor 12 configuration. If you have any questions, please contact your Xerox Sales Representative. Getting to Know Your Product Product Orientation Guide...
  • Page 20 Replacing a dry ink cartridge Replacing dry ink You need to replace dry ink when the Touch Screen dis- plays a message indicating that one of the color dry inks is low. 1. See Figure 23. Open the front door of the DocuColor 12 Printer.
  • Page 21 DocuColor 12 Printer System Administration Guide. Caring for your DocuColor 12 Printer To produce the highest quality prints, your DocuColor 12 Printer should be kept clean. Perform the following simple step at the start of each day.
  • Page 22: Frequently Asked Questions

    DocuColor 12 Material Usage Guide Frequently asked questions How long is the warm-up period? The DocuColor 12 Printer takes about 8 minutes after the power is switched on before it is ready to make prints. How fast is the printer in full color...
  • Page 23 Customer Evaluation Questionnaire Xerox Product: Carrier Name: ____________________________________ Date: _________________ Company Name: ___________________________________ Participant Name: (optional): ________________________ To what extent do you agree with the following statements? (Check the appropriate box.) Make additional copies, as needed. Please write in ink, if available. You may write comments on this evaluation if you wish. Please return at your earliest convenience.
  • Page 24 United States BUSINESS REPLY MAIL First Class Mail Permit No. 229 El Segundo, CA Postage will be paid by Addressee Xerox Corporation Customer Education Services Attn: GTKYP CSMS Suite 2000, ESL2-211 360 N. Sepulveda Boulevard El Segundo, CA 90245-9935...