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How To Use Washer; Control Panel - LG WD12595FD6 Owner's Manual

Washing machine
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ow to use washer
• Water Temperature: Select water temperature to suit wash cycles.
Always follow garment manufacture's care label or instructions when washing.
• Set program at "Cotton 40°C, Intensive, 3 Rinses, Extra High Spin" is for normally soiled
load (10 kg) and test in accordance or in conformity with AS/NZS 2040.2.
• Set program at "Cotton, Eco, Extra High Spin" option for test in accordance or in conformity
with AS/NZS 2442.2.
• The test result depend on water pressure depend, water hardness, water inlet temperature,
room temperature, type and amount of load, degree of soiling utilized detergent, fluctuations
in the main electricity supply and chosen additional options.
• For best washing results, we recommend to mix dry detergent with warm water.
1. Cotton automatically
selected upon power on.
• Press the Power(
• Press the Start/Pause(
• Initial condition
- Wash : Normal
- Rinse : 3
- Spin : High
- Temp. : 40°C
- Program : Cotton
) button to start.
) button.
2. Manual Selecting
• Press the Power(
washer on.
• Select the desired cycle with the
program dial and if required, make any
changes to the washing conditions by
pressing the buttons accordingly.
For selecting the each conditions, please
refer to the page19~page27
• Press the Start/Pause button to
commence the cycle.
) button to turn the


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