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Start/Pause; Wash - LG WD12595FD6 Owner's Manual

Washing machine
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ow to use washer


1. Start
• This Start/Pause button is used to start
wash cycle or pause the wash cycle.
2. Pause
• If temporary stop of wash cycle is needed,
press "Start/Pause" button.
• When in Pause, the power is turned off
automatically after 4 minutes.


• By pressing the Wash
button, the Wash type can
be selected.
Depending on the selected
program cycle, not all
Options may be selectable.
1. Soak
• Use this mode to wash normal clothes or
thick and heavy clothes which are
excessively dirty.
2. Pre Wash
• Use this option for loads that need
pretreatment. This adds 15 minutes of pre
washing before draining.
- When using Pre Wash option, do not use
a liquid detergent for the main wash. Use
powder for the main wash.
3. Intensive
• By selecting the Intensive option, the wash
time may be extended, depending on the
program seleted.
• To use this option select the Intensive
option once before the wash programe is
4. Normal
• This option is automatically selected in
every course except for Rinse+Spin.
5. Light
• This cycle is suitable for lightly soiled clothing.


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