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Steam; Refresh - LG WD12595FD6 Owner's Manual

Washing machine
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ow to use washer


• For tough stained clothes, underwear, or
baby clothes.
• Steam Wash is available with Cotton,
Heavy Duty, Sanitary, Speed Wash,
Allergy Care, Refresh, Sports Wear.
• This option features upgraded washing
performance with low energy and water
• Do not load delicates such as wool, silk,
and easily discolored clothes.
- Steam wash is a highly concentrated and
efficient. It may seem there is no water
inside the drum, but this is normal.
- Steam spray may not be seen clearly
through the door; however, the washer is
spraying steam strongly inside.
- During the steam operation, a spraying
sound will be heard. This is not a
CAUTION: Do not reach into the washer
while operating. Steam can
cause severe burns.


I Refresh cycle
• For slightly wrinkled clothes which have
been stored for an extended time.
It just makes wrinkled clothes easy to iron
(Do not load wet clothes).
• Wrinkles will be reduced.
I How to use Refresh cycle
1. Turn on the washer and select the Refresh
2. Load 5 items or less and close the door.
3. Press the Start/Pause button.
[Precautionary Notes]
- The Refresh cycle is not like other washing or
drying cycles.
- After the Refresh cycle is complete, the
washer will tumble the clothes for up to 30
minutes to prevent rewrinkling.
- Due to the characteristic of cotton fibers, this
cycle is not recommended for 100% cotton
- Remove stains from clothing before using the
Refresh cycle to prevent permanently setting
the stains by high heat.
- Be sure that the faucet is open. This cycle
uses a little water to produce steam.
- Be careful not to touch the door. It can be
very hot.
- Do not open the door while operating.
Steam can cause severe burns.
- After removing clothes from the Refresh cycle
they may feel slightly damp wait at least 10
minutes before putting the clothes on.
- Best result are achieved when articles are of
similar size and fabric type. Do not overload
(Load less than 3 dress shirts)
- Do not reach into the washer while
operating. Steam can cause severe burns.
- Keep pets away from the washer.


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