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Basic Troubleshooting - Pride ELITE TRAVELLER PLUS Owner's Manual

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V I I I . B A S I C T R O U B L E S H O O T I N G
Any electromechanical device occasionally requires some troubleshooting. However, most of the problems that
may arise can usually be solved with a bit of thought and common sense. Many of these problems occur because
the batteries are not fully charged or because the batteries are worn down and can no longer hold a charge.
The diagnostic fault codes for your Travel Scooter are designed to help you perform basic troubleshooting
quickly and easily. The Travel Scooter will either display a diagnostic flash code or emit a beep code in
the event one of the conditions listed below develops.
NOTE: Your Travel Scooter will not run unless the fault code condition is resolved and the Travel
Scooter has been turned off, then turned back on.
What if all the systems on my Travel Scooter seem to be "dead"?
Make certain that the key is in the "on" position.
Check that the batteries are fully charged.
Push in the main circuit breaker reset button. See III. "Your Travel Scooter."
Make certain that the battery pack is seated properly.
Be sure the power down timer feature has not been activated. See V. "Operation."
Check the tiller console fuse located under the battery pack.
Elite Traveller Plus
Battery charge is low.
Battery charge is too low.
The Travel Scooter's battery voltage
is too high to operate the Travel
Scooter, or the charger is still con-
nected to the off-board charger port.
Current limit time out.
The manual freewheel lever is in the
(forward) freewheel position.
Throttle control lever not at centre
position at start up.
Speed pot error.
Motor volts error.
Other internal errors.
Charge batteries as soon as possible.
Charge batteries.
Unplug charger and/or turn key off,
then back on again. If traveling
down a slope, reduce Travel Scooter
speed to the minimum setting.
Turn the Travel Scooter off for a
few minutes, then turn your Travel
Scooter back on.
Remove the key from the key
switch, then push the manual free-
wheel lever to the drive (rearward)
position and restart your Travel
Return the throttle control lever to
centre position, turn scooter off then
back on.
Call your authorised Pride Provider
for assistance.
Call your authorised Pride Provider
for assistance.
Call your authorised Pride Provider
for assistance.


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