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Batteries And Charging - Pride ELITE TRAVELLER PLUS Owner's Manual

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I V . B A T T E R I E S A N D C H A R G I N G


Your Travel Scooter requires two long-lasting, 12-volt, deep-cycle batteries that are sealed and mainte-
nance free. They are recharged by the supplied off-board charging system.
Charge your Travel Scooter's batteries for 8 to 14 hours prior to using it for the first time.
Keep the batteries fully charged to keep your Travel Scooter running smoothly.
The battery condition meter on the tiller console indicates the approx-
imate strength of your batteries using a colour code. From right to left
on the meter, green indicates fully charged batteries, yellow a draining
charge, and red indicates that an immediate recharge is necessary. See
figure 12. To ensure the highest accuracy, the battery condition meter
should be checked while operating your Travel Scooter at full speed
on a dry, level surface.
NOTE: The battery pack can be charged on or off the Travel
PROHIBITED! Removal of grounding prong can create electrical hazard. If necessary,
properly install an approved 3-pronged adapter to an electrical outlet having 2-pronged plug
PROHIBITED! Never use an extension lead to plug in your battery charger. Plug the charger
directly into a properly wired standard electrical outlet.
PROHIBITED! Do not allow unsupervised children to play near the Travel Scooter while the
batteries are charging. Pride recommends that you do not charge the batteries while the
Travel Scooter is occupied.
MANDATORY! Read the battery charging instructions in this manual and in the manual
supplied with the battery charger before charging the batteries.
WARNING! Explosive gases may be generated while charging the batteries. Keep the Travel
Scooter and battery charger away from sources of ignition such as flames or sparks and
provide adequate ventilation when charging the batteries.
WARNING! You must recharge your Travel Scooter's batteries with the supplied off-board
charger. Do not use an automotive-type battery charger.
WARNING! Inspect the battery charger, wiring, and connectors for damage before each use.
Contact your authorised Pride Provider if damage is found.
WARNING! Do not attempt to open the battery charger case. If the battery charger does not
appear to be working correctly, contact your authorised Pride Provider.
WARNING! If the battery charger is equipped with cooling slots, then do not attempt to
insert objects through these slots.
WARNING! If your battery charger has not been tested and approved for outdoor use, then
do not expose it to adverse or extreme weather conditions. If the battery charger is
exposed to adverse or extreme weather conditions, then it must be allowed to adjust to the
difference in environmental conditions before use indoors. Refer to the manual supplied
with the battery charger for more information.
Figure 12. Battery Condition Meter
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