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Pride ELITE TRAVELLER PLUS Owner's Manual Page 13

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Exposure of your Travel Scooter to inclement weather conditions should be avoided whenever possible.
If suddenly caught up in rain, snow, severe cold or heat while operating your Travel Scooter, proceed to
shelter at the earliest opportunity. Thoroughly dry your Travel Scooter before storing, charging, or oper-
ating your Travel Scooter.
PROHIBITED! Operating in rain, snow, salt, mist/spray conditions, and on icy slippery
surfaces can have an adverse affect on the electrical system. Maintain and store your
Travel Scooter in a dry and clean condition.
WARNING! Prolonged exposure to hot or cold conditions may affect the temperature of
upholstered and non-upholstered items on the Travel Scooter, possibly resulting in skin
irritation. Exercise caution when using your Travel Scooter in extremely hot or cold
conditions or when exposing your Travel Scooter to direct sunlight for prolonged periods
of time.
Your Travel Scooter is equipped with a manual freewheel lever that, when pushed forward, allows the
Travel Scooter to be pushed. For more information about how to place your Travel Scooter into and out
of freewheel mode, see III. "Your Travel Scooter."
WARNING! When your Travel Scooter is in freewheel mode, the braking system is
Disengage the drive motors only on a level surface.
Ensure the key is removed from the key switch.
Stand beside the Travel Scooter to engage or disengage freewheel mode. Never sit
on a Travel Scooter to do this.
After you have finished pushing your Travel Scooter, always return it to the drive mode
to lock the brakes.
An added feature built into the Travel Scooter is "push-too-fast" protection which safeguards the Travel
Scooter against gaining excessive speed while in freewheel mode.
"Push-too-fast" operates differently depending on which of two conditions exists:
If the key is switched "off" while in freewheel mode, the Travel Scooter's controller activates regen-
erative braking when the Travel Scooter is pushed faster than a maximum threshold which has been
preprogrammed. In this case, the controller is acting as a speed governor.
If the key is switched "on" while in freewheel mode, you will encounter considerable resistance at any
speed. This prevents the Travel Scooter from gaining unwanted momentum should the manual free-
wheel lever inadvertently be released while driving the Travel Scooter.
Travel Scooters are not designed to travel up or down stairs or escalators. Always use a lift.
WARNING! Do not use your Travel Scooter to negotiate steps or escalators.
Determine if the door opens toward or away from you.
Use your hand to turn the knob or push the handle or push-bar.
Drive your Travel Scooter gently and slowly forward to push the door open. Or drive your Travel
Scooter gently and slowly rearwards to pull the door open.
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