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Life Fitness Essential XT4 User Manual: Display Console Descriptions

Life fitness cross-trainer user manual.
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The functions for the keys and display windows on the cross-trainer console are listed and described in this section. See
Section 4, titled The Workouts, for detailed information on using the console to set up workouts.
START/STOP/HOLD TO PRESET: Use this key to initiate a number of different functions on the cross-trainer.
Begining a 30-minute QUICK-START MANUAL workout immediately, without setup steps
Beginning a workout after completing the setup steps for a specific workout
Pausing a workout-in-progress
Restarting a paused workout
Deleting a current workout and making it possible to set up a new workout
ENTER: Press this key to accept information displayed by the console when setting up a workout.
ARROW KEYS: Use these keys when setting up a workout to change displayed values for workout type, duration,
and resistance level. When a workout is in progress, use these keys to change the intensity level.
SCROLL: During a workout-in-progress, press this key to browse through workout statistics displayed in the bottom
data window. Each time the SCROLL key is pressed, a different value is displayed, and it's corresponding light emit-
ting diode (LED) lights up simultaneously. When the Scan LED lights up, the lower DATA window automatically dis-
plays all statistics in rotating succession.
Press this key to view summary data for a completed workout, including total calories burned and total distance traveled
DATA WINDOWS: Two data windows are set in the center of the console display.
The top window displays the following statistics. Depending on which statistic is being displayed at any given
instance, the corresponding LED lights up at the same time.
Time: The elapsed time of a workout-in-progress. During a workout setup, this window also shows the default
duration of 30 minutes, which the user change using the ARROW keys.
Weight: The user's selected weight.
The bottom window displays the following statistics in an alternating rotation for a workout-in-progress. Depending on
which statistic is being displayed at any given instance, the corresponding LED lights up at the same time.
RPM (Revolutions Per Minute): The pedaling speed or rate
Distance: The total distance traveled
Calories: The number of calories burned
Level: The resistance level of the current interval of a workout-in-progress
WORKOUT LED INDICATORS: One set of LEDs is matched to the cross-trainer's set of workout options. During a
workout setup, each time the user presses an ARROW key to view another workout option, one of these LEDs lights
up to indicate that the corresponding workout is the currently displayed option. While a workout-in-progress, the LED
corresponding to that workout remains lit up.
Another set of LEDs is matched to a set of workout statistics. See the DATA WINDOWS description above.
The LED labeled "scan" lights up during a workout-in-progress to indicate that the console is alternately displaying
RPM, Distance, Calories and Level in the bottom DATA WINDOW.
See the SCROLL key and DATA WINDOW descriptions above for more information.
G DOT MATRIX DISPLAY: This window displays a workout's profile, which consists of columns of light that represent
the levels of intensity of each interval. During the setup for a RANDOM workout, this window displays computer-
generated profile options, which the user can browse using the ARROW keys.


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