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Sharp IG-BC2E Plasmacluster Ion Operation Manual page 20

Plasmacluster ion generator
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Insert the cigar plug into the
cigar lighter socket.
• Be sure to remove any dirt from the cigar lighter
socket. Failure to do so could cause faulty contact.
• When using, connect with the selector switch set to
"N", and if the plug is loose, connect with the switch
set to "W".
(The width between electrodes (the metal parts)
differs at the N and W positions.)
Set the unit in the cup holder
with its air outlets facing in the
desired direction.
Cautions on wiring the car adapter
• Do not let the cord touch or get caught in the seat rails, shift lever or other
moving parts.
• Wire in such a way that the cord does not get in the way of the driver.
• Consider the movement of the seats (forward/backward, swiveling or
reclining) when wiring.
Cautions on installation
• Be sure to place on a stable location. (Do not put in a commercially
available cup holder or other unstable place.)
• Do not obstruct the air inlet or outlet.
• Keep the unit and the vehicle's electronic key away from each other. The
unit's radio waves could cause interference, causing warnings to sound or
warning indicators to light.
• Keep the unit away from the vehicle's in-glass antenna. Failure to do so
could cause noise in the radio.
• If there should be noise in a TV or radio located in the same car, or if an
atomic clock in the car should not display the time properly, move the unit
away from the TV, radio, atomic clock, etc.
• If the unit is installed directly in front of the car climate control's outlets, the
unit could get hot when the climate control is operating in the heating mode.
• The unit could get scratched by the vibrations of the vehicle, etc.
Cigar plug
Air outlet
Ciger lighter

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Table of Contents

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