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Cautions Concerning Operation - Sharp IG-BC2E Plasmacluster Ion Operation Manual

Plasmacluster ion generator
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• Be sure to unplug the cigar plug from the cigar lighter socket when not using the unit for
long periods of time. (Failure to do so could lead to electric shock or fi re caused by short-
• If the cigar lighter socket is integrated into the ashtray, be sure that cigarettes are
completely put out before using.
When leaving the vehicle, unplug the cigar plug and close the ashtray's lid.
(Failure to do so could lead to fi re caused by the smoldering cigarettes.)


• Do not touch the metal parts of the car adapter's cigar plug (or of the cigar lighter
(The metal parts of the cigar plug could be hot directly after the car is stopped, and could
cause burns if touched.)
• Do not use the unit in commercially available cup holders, on shaky or non-level
surfaces or in other unstable places. (The unit could fall, resulting in injury or damage.)
• Move the unit out of the car when using room fumigating type insecticides or deodorizers.
If not, the chemicals could get inside the unit and later be ejected from the air outlet,
possibly harming your health.
• If the unit risks falling out of the cup holder (when driving on rough roads, over bumps,
etc.), either slow down or remove the unit from the cup holder beforehand.
(Failure to do so could cause injury or damage to the unit.)
• Do not use items of silicone-containing products* near the unit.
The fl uororesin or silicone could get stuck inside the unit, preventing it from producing
plasmacluster ions.
If this happens, the Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit must be replaced.
* Hair care products (split end coatings, hair mousses, hair treatments, etc.), cosmetics,
antiperspirants, antistatic agents, waterproofi ng sprays, polishes, glass cleaners, chemical-
impregnated clothes, wax, etc. (See E-9)


Table of Contents

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