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Changing Air Direction; Normal Sounds; Air Conditioner Care; Cleaning The Air Filter - Whirlpool 1186896B User Manual


Table of Contents

Changing Air Direction

Use the tabs to direct the air right or left (on some models).
Rotate the whole cartridge to direct air up, down or straight
Your new air conditioner is designed to give you many years of
dependable service. This section tells you how to clean and care
for your air conditioner properly. Call your local authorized dealer
for an annual checkup. Remember... the cost of this service call
is your responsibility.

Cleaning the Air Filter

The air filter is removable for easy cleaning. A clean filter helps
remove dust, lint, and other particles from the air and is important
for best cooling and operating efficiency. Check the filter every
2 weeks to see whether it needs cleaning.
NOTE: Do not operate the air conditioner without the filter in
1. Turn off air conditioner.
2. Using indents in top of filter door, pull door down. Filter door
is not removable.
3. Slide air filter up and out to remove from the filter door.
A. Tabs


A. Indents
B. Air filter
When your air conditioner is operating normally, you may hear
sounds such as:
Droplets of water hitting the condenser, causing a pinging or
clicking sound. The water droplets help cool the condenser.
Air movement from the fan.
Clicks from the thermostat cycle.
Vibrations or noise due to poor wall or window construction.
A high-pitched hum or pulsating noise caused by the modern
high-efficiency compressor cycling on and off.
4. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean air filter. If air filter is very dirty,
wash it in warm water with a mild detergent. Do not wash air
filter in the dishwasher or use any chemical cleaners. Air dry
filter completely before replacing to ensure maximum
5. Slide air filter down into the filter door. Close filter door.
1. Unplug air conditioner or disconnect power.
2. Remove the air filter and clean it separately. See "Cleaning
the Air Filter."
3. Wipe the front panel with a soft, damp cloth.
4. Air dry front panel completely.
5. Plug in air conditioner or reconnect power.
Check once or twice a year for paint damage. This is very
important, especially in areas near oceans or where rust is a
problem. If needed, touch up with a good grade enamel paint.
NOTE: To reduce paint damage during the winter, install a heavy-
duty cover over air conditioner cabinet. For information on
ordering a heavy-duty cover, see "Accessories."
Your air conditioner needs annual maintenance to help ensure
steady, top performance throughout the year. Call your local
authorized dealer to schedule an annual checkup. The expense
of an annual inspection is your responsibility.

Normal Sounds

Cleaning the Front Panel

Repairing Paint Damage

Annual Maintenance


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Table of Contents

Table of Contents