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Changing Air Direction; Cleaning And Caring For Your Air Conditioner; Cleaning Front Panel; Cleaning Air Conditioner Filter - Whirlpool ACM062 Use & Care Manual

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Changing Air Direction
The louvers in the grille area at the top of the air condi-
tioner control the direction of the cooled air.
1. Move the tabs at the bottom of the grille to the right,
left or straight ahead. Simply move the levers in the
direction you want the air to go. (See diagram below.)
2. On some models, all louvers are fixed. The louvers
can not be adjusted.
Cleaning and Caring for Your
Air Conditioner
Proper use and care of your air conditioner
will help
ensure longer life and lower operating
costs. Follow
these instructions
carefully or call your dealer for an
annual checkup.
Cleaning Front Panel
Disconnect from electrical supply before
cleaning unit. Failure to do so could result in
personal injury.
3. Lift up and away from the bottom spring clips.
4. Remove and clean filter. (Follow instructions
Air Conditioner
5. Clean front panel using a soft cloth with warm water
and mild soap or detergent. Rinse and dry.
6. Wipe control panel clean with a soft dry cloth.
7. Replace front panel.
Do not use cleaning fluids, solvents, abrasive
cleaners, or strong detergents. They may
damage the parts.
Cleaning Air Conditioner
The filter is cleanable. A clean filter helps remove dust,
lint and other particles from the air. Check every two
weeks to see if filter needs cleaning.
1. Remove front panel from unit. (Follow instructions
Front Panel".)
Remove filter
from plastic front frame, by removing elastic band
which holds it in place.
1. Remove the front panel from unit for cleaning. Press
down at top edge of the front as shown below.
2. When the front moves away from top of cabinet, pull
top of front toward you.


Table of Contents

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