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Location Requirements; Electrical Requirements - Whirlpool 1186896B User Manual

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Location Requirements

IMPORTANT: Observe all governing codes and ordinances.
Check the location where air conditioner will be installed. Proper
installation is your responsibility. Make sure you have everything
necessary for correct installation.
The location should provide:
Grounded electrical outlet within 4 ft (122 cm) of where the
power cord exits the air conditioner.
NOTE: Do not use an extension cord.
Free movement of air to rooms to be cooled.
A large enough opening for the air conditioner. Installation
parts are supplied for double-hung windows.
Adequate wall support for weight of air conditioner. Air
conditioner weighs 56 lb (25 kg) to 91 lb (41.28 kg).
NOTE: Cabinet louvers must not be obstructed. Air must be able
to pass freely through the cabinet louvers.
A. Cabinet louvers
Window installation
Window opening measurements
Air Conditioner Size
5,000-7,000 Btu/h
8,000-12,000 Btu/h
25" to 38"
(63.5 cm to
(35.6 cm)
96.5 cm)
26" to 38"
(66 cm to
(40.6 cm)
96.5 cm)

Electrical Requirements

Electrical Shock Hazard
Plug into a grounded 3 prong outlet.
Do not remove ground prong.
Do not use an adapter.
Do not use an extension cord.
Failure to follow these instructions can result in
death, fire, or electrical shock.
The electrical ratings for your air conditioner are listed on the
model and serial number label. The model and serial number
label is located behind the front panel on the front flange above
the coil area.
Specific electrical requirements are listed in the chart below.
Follow the requirements for the type of plug on the power supply
Power supply cord
plug outlet
(0.6 cm)
Wiring requirements
115 volt (103.5 min. -
126.5 max.)
0-12 amps
15-amp time-delay fuse or
circuit breaker
Use on single outlet circuit
230 volt (207 min. -
253 max.)
230/208 volt (197.6 min. -
253 max.)
0-12 amps
15-amp time-delay fuse or
circuit breaker
Use on single outlet circuit

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