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Position The Air Conditioner - Whirlpool 1186896B User Manual

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Bottom View
A. Curtain housing
B. Curtain guides
3. Extend right-hand curtain outward so you may insert the first
screw through the middle hole of the curtain. Using #8 - 18 x
³⁄₈" pan-head screw, screw curtain to middle hole in air
conditioner cabinet.
NOTE: This screw is required to correctly attach curtain (top
to bottom) to the air conditioner cabinet.
A. #8 x
4. While the right-hand curtain is still extended, insert #8 x ³⁄₈"
pan-head screws into the top and bottom slots of curtain.
Screw curtain to top and bottom holes in air conditioner
NOTE: Some curtains may have 2 slots at each end. You will
be able to see a mounting hole through the correct slot.
5. Slide curtain housing into guides as far as it will go.
6. Repeat above steps for left-hand curtain, then see "Position
the Air Conditioner."
Models without side curtains
1. Remove front cabinet screw from each side.
2. Place the short side of window-lock bracket against cabinet,
and reattach front cabinet screw.
A. Window-lock bracket
3. Repeat for other side, then see "Position the Air Conditioner."
" pan-head screw

Position the Air Conditioner

Handle air conditioner with care.
Be sure your air conditioner does not fall out of the opening
during installation or removal.
The place where the power cord exits the air conditioner
should be no more than 4 ft (122 cm) from a grounded
3 prong outlet.
Do not block the louvers on the front panel.
Do not block the louvers on the outside of the air conditioner.
1. Center air conditioner in window. Check that lower rail of air
conditioner is behind and against back side of windowsill.
Lower window sash to hold air conditioner in place.
A. Window sash
2. Check that air conditioner cabinet is tilted to the outside so
that water will run to the outside.
Models with side curtains (on some models)
1. Pull left-hand curtain out until it fits into the window channel.
Repeat with right-hand curtain. If your air conditioner does
not have side curtains, see "Models without side curtains."
Front View
A. Left curtain
B. Window channel

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