Installation - KitchenAid KCIP 1010/I Instructions For Use Manual

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The hood comes with plugs suitable for most
walls/ceilings. You should however consult a
qualified technician to make sure the installation is
suitable for your kind of wall/ceiling. The wall/roof
should be sufficiently strong to support the weight
of the hood.
Before installation:
• Check that the product purchased is the right
size for the area where it is to be installed.
• To make installation easier, temporarily remove
the parts that block access to the fixing areas
(e.g.: grease filters, perimetric suction panels
and carbon filter support frames, depending on
which model you have).
• Remove the active carbon filter/s if provided
(again consult relative paragraph). This/these
should be re-assembled only if you wish to use
the hood in the extraction mode.
• Check that there are no parts (e.g. bags with
screws, warranty) inside of the hood (for
transport reasons). If there are, remove them
and put to the side.
• If possible, disconnect and remove the
surrounding units and those near the installation
area of the hood so that you have better
accessibility to the ceiling / wall where the hood
is to be installed. Otherwise, protect the units
as much as possible and all the parts relating to
the installation. Choose a flat surface and cover
it with some protection where you can place
the hood and parts.
• Furthermore, check that near the area where
you are installing the hood (in an area accessible
even when the hood is fitted) there is an
electric socket and that you can connect to an
venting pipe to the outside (In the Vented
mode only).
• Disconnect the electrical power from the
electrical socket connected to the hood at the
main switchboard and remember not to
connect the hood to the mains supply before
completing installation.
• Carry out all the building work necessary (e.g.:
installation of an electrical plug and/or holes to
pass the exhaust venting pipe through).
Fig. 3
• Establish the most suitable distance from the
work surfaces according to your needs
(Important! Respect the minimum distances
specifically indicated in this instruction booklet).
• Adjust the extension of the hood's support
structure using the mathematical formula shown
in the diagram.
Note: only if you wish to use the hood in
recirculation mode (see also fig. 4 and later
paragraphs): in the case of highly extended
structures, before final assembly remember to
install the deflector so that it will be easier to
• Fit the two sections of the structure with a total
of 16 screws (8 per side).


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