Warnings - KitchenAid KCIP 1010/I Instructions For Use Manual

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• This appliance should not be used by children or people with limited physical or mental
abilities and with no experience or knowledge of its use, unless they are supervised by
someone in charge of their safety or who has taught them how to use the appliance.
• Children should not play with the appliance.
Do not connect the appliance to the mains supply until the installation is completely finished.
Before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance work, always disconnect the hood from the mains
supply by pulling out the plug or turning off the mains switch in the house.
2. Do not flambé food under the hood since the flames generated could cause a fire.
3. Do not leave a frying pan unattended when frying food as the cooking oil could catch fire.
4. Constant cleaning and maintenance of your hood will ensure it works properly. Regularly remove all the
ingrained food from dirty surfaces. Regularly remove and clean or change the filter. Do not use
inflammable material to convey exhaust air.
5. If the hood is used in conjunction with other appliances that run on gas or other fuels, the negative
pressure of the room should be no greater than 4Pa (4 x 10-5 bar). This is why you should make sure
the room is well aired.
6. Exhaust air from the hood should not be eliminated through the heating system chimney or appliances
that run on gas or other fuels.
7. The room should be sufficiently ventilated when the hood is used together with other appliances that
run on gas or other fuels.
8. Before touching the light bulbs, make sure they have cooled down.
Note: always use gloves when installing or carrying out maintenance work.
Electrical connection
The mains voltage should correspond with the voltage shown on the specifications label found inside the
hood. If there is no plug, connect the hood to a socket that complies with current legislation and is in an
easily accessible location. If there is no plug (direct connection to the mains supply) or the plug is not in an
easily accessible location, fit a legally complying bi-polar switch that ensures the complete disconnection of
the mains in the event of a category III line surge, in compliance with the installation regulations.
IMPORTANT: before reconnecting the hood circuit to the power supply, check that it is
working properly, that the mains cable has been properly fitted and that it has NOT been
crushed in its holder during installation.
Cleaning the hood
Warning! Failure to remove oil/grease (at least once a month) could lead to a fire breaking out. Use a soft
cloth and mild cleaning product. Never use harsh substances or alcohol.
Before using the hood
To get best performance from the hood, please read these user instructions carefully and keep them for
future reference.
Keep the packaging material (plastic bags, pieces of polystyrene, etc.) out of children's reach as they can be
Make sure the hood has not been damaged during transportation.
The installation and the electrical connections, replacement of power cables with plug or flexible cable
should be carried out by a qualified technician in compliance with current legislation in force.
This appliance was designed to be used by adults.


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