Troubleshooting Guide; After Sales Service - KitchenAid Cooktop Instructions For Use Manual

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Troubleshooting guide

If the hob is not working properly work through
the this guide before contacting our Customer
Care Centre.
The burner does not ignite, or the flame is
unsteady? Check that:
1. the gas, or electricity supply has not been
interrupted and that the control knob is turned
fully on.
2. the gas supply has not run out.
3. the openings on the burner have become
4. the end of the electronic igniter is clean.
5. all the parts on the burner are properly
The flame doesn't stay on? Check that:
1. the button was pushed in properly when turning
on the burner for the time required to activate
the safety thermocouple.

After Sales Service

Before contacting the Customer Care Centre, clarify that you
cannot resolve the problem yourself based on the descriptions given
in the "Troubleshooting guide".
1. Turn the apparatus off and restart it to see if the fault is repeated.
If after carrying out the above checks, the fault persists, contact your
Customer Care Centre.
Please give:
• a short description of the fault
• the precise type and model of the hob
• he service number (the number after the word Service on the
date plate), located under the hob. The service number can also
be found in the warranty booklet
• your full address
• your telephone number.
Note: failure to comply with these instructions could seriously
compromise the safety and quality of the hob.
2. the burner's openings are not blocked in
relation to the thermocouple.
3. the end part of the thermocouple is clean.
The pans are not stable? Check that:
1. the bottom of the pot is perfectly flat.
2. the pot is centred on the burner.
3. the pan supports are correctly positioned with
all the rubber feet in place.
If, despite all these checks and after tuning the hon
off and on again, you are still experiancing
problems please contact our Customer Care
Centre on 00800-3810-4026.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents