Warnings And Suggestions - KitchenAid Cooktop Instructions For Use Manual

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Warnings and suggestions

To get the most out of your hob, please read
the instructions carefully and keep them for
future consultation.
• These instructions are only valid in the countries
whose destination symbol is shown on the serial
number plate on the hob.
• The packing (plastic bags, expanded
polyurethane, etc) pose a potential threat to
children and should be disposed of carefully.
• Check the appliance has not been damaged
during transportation and remove all
protective packing and films before
• This hob (cat. 3) was designed to be used
exclusively for cooking food in household
surroundings. Any other use (for example
heating rooms) should be regarded as
improper and dangerous.
• The installation and connection of this
appliance to a gas or electrical supply must
be carried out by a competant, qualified
person in compliance with current
• This appliance should be installed in
compliance with standards in force and
only used in well ventilated rooms. Read
the instructions before installing and using
this appliance.
• The pre-fitted gas connector and it's supply
pressure are shown on the label attached
to the bottom of the hob. If this type of gas
supply is not being used, please refer to
the section called Adaption to different
types of gas supply on page 11.
• Incorrect placement of the pans supports can
scratch the hob. To avoid this always ensure
that the rubber feet on the bottom of the pan
supports are the only part of the pan supports
that touch the hob and do not drag the pan
supports accross the hob surface.
• On the glass surface do not use:
- Cast iron grills, terracotta pots or pans.
- Heat convectors (e.g. metal netting).
- Using two burners to cook 1 pan.
• In the event of prolonged usage, additional
ventilation may be required (opening a window
or increasing the extration speed of the hood).
• Keep children away from the hob when in use
and don't let them play with the control knobs
or any other part of the appliance.
• This appliance is not intended for use by
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensor or mental capabilities or lack of
experience and knowledge unless they have
been given initial supervision or instruction
concerning use of the applaince by a person
responsible for their safety.
• Do not let children play with the pan supports.
The rubber feet on the underneath of the pan
supports could be swallowed by small and cause
serious injury or suffocation.
• Before replacing the pan supports on the hob,
please check that all the rubber feet are in
• Each time you finish using the hob, always check
that the control buttons are in the off position
and shut off the tap to the gas mains or cylinder.
• Do not obstruct the air vents at the back of the
appliance in any way.
• The appliance is not intended to be operated by
means of an external timer or separate remote

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents