Electrical Connection; Installation - KitchenAid Cooktop Instructions For Use Manual

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Electrical connection

The electrical connections must comply with current
legislation and be carried out by a qualified, competent
• Information on the voltage and power absorbed are shown on the
serial no. plate.
• The appliance must be earthed.
• When installing the appliance, we recommend that this hob
is protected by a 3mm bi-polar switch.
• If damaged, the power cable must be replaced with an
identical type of powercable ( H05V2V2-FT90 ºC, or
H05RR-F type). We recommend that this operation be
conducted by our After Sales Service. Please contact our
Customer Care Centre on 00800-3810-4026.
• Do not use extension cables.
• The manufacturer declines all responsibility for damage to
persons, pets or goods as a result of failure to comply with
the regulations above.


1. After cleaning the surfaces around the edges, fit the seal provided.
2. Position the hob inside the cut-out obeying all the hood and
cabinetry clearances on page 6.
3. Use the fixing pieces (A) provided, to secure the hob to the
worksurface, with screws.
Note: the electrical power cable must be long enough to allow
the hob to be lifted out from above.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents