Fitting The Wok Burner; Regulating The Minimum Flow Level Of The Gas Taps - KitchenAid Cooktop Instructions For Use Manual

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Fitting the wok burner

To fit the double crown wok burner:
Insert in the following order:
1. burner ring (A);
2. decorative covering ring (B);
3. external burner cap (C);
4. internal burner cap (D).
Note: make sure that:
1. the locating pin for the burner ring (A) is inserted correctly in the
slot on the burner unit.
2. that the locating pin on the external burner cap (C) is inserted in the
slot on the burner ring (A).

Regulating the minimum flow level of the gas taps

Regulating the minimum flow level must be done with the tap at the
lowest position (small flame)
There is no need to regulate the primary air in the burners.
To ensure the minimum level is properly regulated, remove the control
knob and adjust the screws found on the tap as follows:
1. tighten to reduce the height of the flame 1 (-)
2. slacken to increase the height of the flame (+);
3. With the burners on, rotate the buttons from the maximum
the minimum position
Once you have finished regulating, close up the seals again using sealing
to check the stability of the flame.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents