Adaption To A Different Type Of Gas Supply; Replacing The Injectors - KitchenAid Cooktop Instructions For Use Manual

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Adaption to a different type of gas supply

If you are using a different kind of gas from the one
indicated on the serial no. plate and the orange
label on the back of the hob, you must replace the
injectors; in the case of the Wok burner, adjust the
primary air (see Injector table on page 6).
The orange label should be removed and kept
together with the manual.
Use pressure regulators suitable for the gas
pressures indicated on page 6
• In order to replace the injectors, contact the
Customer Care Centre on 00800-3810-4026,
or a qualified electrician.
• Injectors not supplied as standard should be

Replacing the injectors

Note: Refer to the table on page 6 to ensure the correct type of
injector is to be fitted.
Traditional burners (T)
1. Remove the pan supports (A).
2. Remove the burners (B).
3. Unscrew the injector (C) with a box spanner 7.
4. Replace the injector with the one for the new gas.
5. Replace burners and pan supports.
Note: Before installing the hob, please remember to stick the gas
calibtration label, provided with the replacement injectors over the
gas information on the underside of the hob.
Wok Burner (W)
It is best to change the wok double crown burner before starting installtion. However it is necessary:
1. Remove the holding screws that fix the burner to the glass hob. Once you have removed the glass hob,
you can access the wok burner injector.
2. Remove the injector (F) using a 10mm spanner.
3. Slacken the holding screw (H) to regulate the position (X) of the gas inlet coupling (G) with regard to
the injector.
requested from the Customer Care Centre on
• Regulate the minimum levels of the taps.
Note: with liquid petroleum gas ( G30/G31)
the bypass screw must be screwed in fully. If
you then experiance difficulty in turning the
control knob, contact our After sales Service
though our Customer Care Centre on
00800-3810-4026, who will arrange for a
replacement after ascertaining that the tap is

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents