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Black & Decker MZ3000PG User Manual page 16

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Table of Contents
• This microwave oven is a free-standing
unit & must not be built-in or placed in a
• The oven must have sufficient air flow.
To ensure good ventilation, a gap of 10
centimetres is required at the back, 15
centimetres at one side, 30 centimetres
at the other side and 30 centimetres
• Only use utensils that are suitable for
use in microwave ovens
• When heating food in plastic or paper
containers, keep an eye on the oven due
to the possibility of ignition
• If smoke is observed, switch off or
unplug the appliance and keep the door
closed in order to stifle any flames
• Microwave heating of beverages can
result in delayed eruptive boiling
therefore care must be taken when
handling the container
• The contents of feeding bottles and
baby food jars shall be stirred or shaken
and the temperature checked before
consumption, in order to avoid burns
• Eggs in their shell and whole hard-boiled
eggs should not be heated in microwave
ovens since they may explode, even
after microwave heating has ended
• The oven should be cleaned regularly
and any food deposits removed
• Failure to maintain the oven in a clean
condition could lead to deterioration of
the surface that could adversely affect
the life of the appliance and possibly
result in a hazardous situation
• To protect against the risk of electric
shock, DO NOT IMMERSE the
appliance, cord set or plug in water or
other liquids.
• Do not remove the feet from this
• Do not cook food directly on the glass
tray. Always use a bowl or other
container that is suitable for use in a
microwave oven
Using your appliance
• Do not operate any appliance with a
damaged cord or plug, or after the
appliance malfunctions, or is dropped or
damaged in any manner. Return the
complete appliance to your nearest
authorised service facility for
examination, electrical repair, mechanical
repair or adjustment to avoid any hazard.
• Do not attempt to repair the appliance
yourself; instead, take it to your Black &
Decker-owned or Authorised Service
Centre for repair.
• The use of attachments or accessories
not recommended or sold by this
appliance manufacturer may result in fire,
electric shock or personal injury.
• Do not let the cord hang over the edge of
a table, counter, or touch hot surfaces.
• Avoid touching hot surfaces, use handles
and knobs.
• Do not operate or place any part of this
appliance on or near any hot surfaces
(such as gas or electric burner or in a
heated oven) or any appliance that
generates steam.
• Do not abuse the cord. Never carry the
appliance by the cord or yank it to
disconnect it from the outlet; instead,
grasp the plug and pull to disconnect.
• When using an extension cord with your
appliance, make sure the extension cord
is correctly wired, and rated for its use.
• The microwave oven should be placed on
a flat stable surface which can hold the
weight of the appliance and the heaviest
of food likely to be cooked inside.
• Do not place any item on top of the oven.
• Do not operate the microwave oven
without the glass tray or roller support in
their proper positions.
• Make sure that the power supply cord is
undamaged and does not run under the
microwave oven or over any hot or sharp

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Table of Contents

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