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Safety Information; Saving Call Numbers; Saving Repertory Numbers/Notebook Function - Siemens euroset User Manual

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euroset 2015, A31008-E2015-B100-2-Y719

Safety information

For your safety and protection, the phone should not be used in bathrooms
or shower rooms (wet rooms). The phone is not splash-proof.
The phone should only be disposed of in an environmentally friendly man-
Never give the Euroset 2015 to a third party without the operating instruc-
EEA approval
Euroset 2015 is approved within the European Economic Area (EEA) and
works with all communication systems as described in the operating in-
Note: This device has been awarded Europe-wide approval for connection
to the public telephone network as a standalone terminal in accordance
with Commission resolution 1999/303/EC. Because of the differences be-
tween the public telephone networks in the various states, this approval
does not in itself offer an unconditional guarantee that the device can be
used successfully at all network terminal points.
If you encounter any problems during operation, you should first contact
your specialist dealer or service center.
General note on saving phone settings
Various telephone setting have to be confirmed with the set key
are to be permanently available.
To c c ancel the setting procedure (e.g. after an incorrect entry) without sav-
ing, replace the handset instead of pressing

Saving call numbers

Saving repertory numbers/notebook function

You can save up to 32 call numbers using the two levels of the repertory
Lift the handset, then press the set key.
(Also press
Press the repertory key under which the repertory
call number is to be stored.
Any already saved call number will appear on the
display. If the memory for this repertory key is empty,
the display shows a
Enter the call number to be stored (max. 32 digits).
Save with notebook function:
Press the redial key until the number to be saved ap-
pears on the display.
Press the set key then replace the handset.
You can store dial pauses of 3 seconds by pressing
occur as the first element in a call number).
After the 20th digit, any subsequent digits are shifted from right to left on
the display.
. The original setting is then
for the 2nd storage level.)
(a pause should not
– 4 –
if they


Table of Contents

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