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Activating/Deactivating Open Listening; Activating/Deactivating Handsfree Talking; Mute; Activating/Deactivating Music On Hold - Siemens euroset User Manual

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euroset 2015, A31008-E2015-B100-2-Y719

Activating/deactivating open listening

This feature enables people present in the room to listen in to a telephone
conversation by means of the integral loudspeaker.
During a call: Press the loudspeaker key.
Deactivate open listening: Press the key again.
When the loudspeaker in o o n and the h h andset is off-hook, open listening
is activated. The integrated handsfree microphone is d d eactivated.
When the loudspeaker in o o n and the h h andset is on-hook, handsfree talk-
ing via the integrated handsfree microphone is a a ctivated.

Activating/deactivating handsfree talking

This telephone allows you to make calls even when the handset is on-hook
(handsfree talking). For best results, you should be about 50 cm from the
(a) Activating handsfree talking while using the handset:
Replace the handset while pressing the loudspk. key.
(b) Activating handsfree talking before dialing a call
Before dialing: Press the loudspk. key.
Handsfree talking is activated.
Deactivating handsfree talking
Lift the handset during a call.


You can deactivate the microphone so that the called party can no longer
hear you.
Press the mute key during the call.
To reactivate the microphone: Press the key again.

Activating/Deactivating Music on hold

Music on hold for the mute function can be activated or deactivated:
Lift the handset,

then start the function.
0 = Desactivate Music on hold
1 = Activate Music on hold.
Press the set key, then replace the handset.
Setting the handset volume
There are 3 handset volume settings (factory setting: level 1).

Lift the handset, then start the function.
Press the plus or minus key.
The volume increases or decreases each time a key
is pressed.
Press the set key, then replace the handset.
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Table of Contents

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