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Switching The Dialing Mode While Connected; Recall Key (Use On Private Pabxs); Recall Key (On Public Telephone Systems) - Siemens euroset User Manual

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euroset 2015, A31008-E2015-B100-2-Y719

Switching the dialing mode while connected

If your telephone is set to pulse dialing and you want to use functions that
require tone dialing (e.g. remote replay on an answering machine), you can
switch the dialing mode while connected.
While connected: press the asterisk key.
The dialing mode is switched.
Enter the digits for remote control/data transfer.
You can revert to the original dialing mode by replacing the handset.

Recall key (use on private PABXs)

During a trunk call, you can make an enquiry call or transfer a call. To do
this, press the recall key
. The next step depends on your PABX. In the
factory setting, the recall key function is set to a flash time (interrupt time)
of 90 ms to permit new features to be used on p p ublic telephone systems.
When your telephone is connected to a private PABX, it may be necessary
to change the flash time (e.g. 600 ms). Please check the operating instruc-
tions for your PABX.
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Setting the flash time for the recall key

Lift the handset then start the function.
Enter the required flash time number:
0: 90 ms (factory setting);
2: 270 ms;
Press the set key, then replace the handset.
Using functions for additional services on
public telephone systems
If you wish to use services that are activated with the recall key, you should
first make sure that the correct flash time is set for the key.

Recall key (on public telephone systems)

This key is required in order to use certain additional services on public tel-
ephone systems.
Depending on the country where the telephone is used, it may be neces-
sary to set the appropriate flash time before using the recall key (see „Set-
ting the flash time for the recall key" auf Seite 10).
– Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland:
– France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Germany, Greece:
– Other European countries:
1 1 : 120 ms;
3 3 : 375 ms;
4 4 : 600 ms.
120 ms (code 1)
270 ms (code 2)
90 ms (code 0)
– 10 –


Table of Contents

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