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Getting Started; Safety Information - Siemens 2010 User Manual

Siemens user's guide corded telephone 2010
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euroset 2010,IM1, A31008-E2010-B100-2-3S19

Getting started

Safety information

For your safety and protection, the phone should not be used in bathrooms
or shower rooms (wet rooms). The phone is not splash-proof.
The phone should only be disposed of in an environmentally friendly man-
Never give the Euroset 2010 to a third party without the operating instruc-
Telephone installation advice
• Protect the telephone from direct sunlight or other sources of heat.
• Operate at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C.
• Maintain a distance of at least one meter between the telephone and
any radio equipment, e.g. mobile phones, personal pagers or televisions.
Otherwise interference may be experienced during telephone calls.
• Do not install the telephone in dusty rooms, as this will shorten the
service life of the telephone.
• The phone should only be cleaned using a damp cloth or anti-static
wipe; never use a dry cloth (risk of electrostatic charge and discharge)
or abrasive cleaning products.
• Furniture lacquers and polishes may be subject to corrosion if they
come in contact with parts of the unit (e.g. feet).
(see diagram)
Attach the handset cord and connect the phone cord to the wall socket.
You telephone is now ready to use.
Cable channel used
when telephone is
– on the table:
– or on the wall:
– 2 –
- English -

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