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Activating/ Deactivating The Call Duration Display; Operation At Private Pabxs; Entering/Deleting Exchange Codes; Switching The Dialing Mode - Siemens euroset User Manual

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euroset 2015, A31008-E2015-B100-2-Y719

Activating/ deactivating the call duration display

Your telephone can display the approximate call duration. If the call dura-
tion display is activated, the time display starts 12 seconds after the last
digit is dialed.
Lift the handset,

then start the function.
0 = call duration display off
1 = call duration display on.
Press the set key, then replace the handset.
You can press
to restart the call duration display during a call.

Operation at private PABXs

Entering/deleting exchange codes

If you are using your telephone on a private PABX, you may need to store
one or more exchange codes. A dialing pause of 3 seconds is automatically
set when the exchange code is saved.
Lift the handset then start the function.
If no exchange code has been programmed, the dis-
play shows .
If one or more exchange codes have been stored,
these are displayed side-by-side; the code currently
available for editing flashes.
codes as necessary in order to edit them as follows:
(a) To delete an exchange code:
Press the set key and replace the handset.
(b) To e e nter an exchange code:
/ J
Enter a one- to three-digit exchange code.
If you want to enter another exchange code:
Press the redial key and enter the next exchange
Press the set key, then replace the handset.

Switching the dialing mode

Lift the handset, then start the function.
1 = Tone dialling.
2 = Pulse dialing without flash function.
Press the set key, then replace the handset.
to switch between the displayed exchange
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Table of Contents

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