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Timer Operation; Maintenance - Sanyo DC-DA1100 Instruction Manual

Micro component system
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Using the timer (Main unit only)
Set the on and off times, and function to be used. Operation will start
with the selected function at the on time. The sound will be gradually
increased from a no-sound level to the current volume setting (fade-in).
The power will be switched off at the off time.
The timer will function every day unless it is released.
Make absolutely sure that the clock is set to the correct time before
setting the timer.
1. Press the FUNCTION button to select the function and set the desired
volume level for timer operation.
2. Press the CLOCK/TIMER button for at least 2 seconds.
The previous timer on time setting appears.
3. Press the MEMORY button within 10 seconds.
4. Set the timer on time by turning the VOLUME control, then press the
MEMORY button (as described under "ADJUSTING THE CLOCK").
The timer off time setting appears.
5. Set the timer off time as described in step 4.
The previous function setting appears.
6. Press the z/ON button to switch off the power.
To switch off the power during a timer controlled operation, press
the z/ON button. The timer will be set in the standby mode.
To release the timer
After turning the power on, press the CLOCK/TIMER button twice, "0"
To set the timer again with the same settings
1. Press the CLOCK/TIMER button repeatedly to display "0".
2. Press the z/ON button to switch off the power.
The timer operation is released if a power failure occurs.
Using the sleep timer
The sleep timer automatically switches off the power after a preset time
has elapsed. The volume will gradually be reduced (fade-out) during
the 1-minute period before the unit turns off. There are 12 time periods
available: 120, 110, 100, 90, 80, 70, 60, 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 minutes.
Press the SLEEP button repeatedly to select the desired sleep time.
"SLEEP" blinks and the selected time appears on the display. After a
few seconds, the original display returns. "SLEEP" remains blinking.
To check the remaining sleep time
Press the SLEEP button once. After a few seconds, the original display
To release the sleep timer while in operation
Press the SLEEP button repeatedly until "SLEEP" disappears. The timer
is also released if the power is switched off.
(Remote control only)


Cleaning the tape heads (Fig. 10)
To ensure continued high performance, use cotton swab to clean the
heads, pinch rollers and capstans of the decks after about every 10 hours
of use. If the dirt persists, soak the swab in a little methylated spirit or
head cleaning fluid and then clean.
Cleaning the CD player lens
The lens should never be touched. If dust is on the lens, blow it off using
a camera lens blower (Fig. 11). (Consult your dealer.)
Cleaning the unit
Clean the outside of the unit with a clean soft cloth, moistened with luke-
warm water. Do not use benzene, thinner or alcohol since they will mar
the finish of the surfaces.

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