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Important Safeguards & Recommendations - Kenwood CK 240 Instructions For Use - Installation Advice

Gas cooker with electric double oven
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After unpacking the appliance, check to
ensure that it is not damaged and that
the oven door closes correctly. If in
doubt, do not use and consult your sup-
plier or a professionally qualified techni-
Packing materials (i.e. plastic bags,
polystyrene foam, nails, packing straps,
etc.) should not be left around within
easy reach of children, as these may
cause serious injuries.
ATTENTION: please peel plastic
cover off both sides and front of
the oven before use.
Do not attempt to modify the technical
characteristics of the appliance as
this may cause danger to users.
Do not carry out any cleaning or
maintenance operations on the appli-
ance without first disconnecting it
from the electric power supply.
If you should decide not to use this
appliance any longer (or decide to
substitute an older model), before dis-
posing of it, it is recommended that it
is made inoperative in an appropriate
manner in accordance to health and
environmental protection regulations,
ensuring in particular that all poten-
tially hazardous parts be made harm-
less, especially in relation to children
who could play with unused appli-
After use, always ensure that the con-
trol knobs are in the off position.
Do not allow young children or infirm
persons to use the appliance without
your supervision.
During and after use of the cooker,
certain parts will become very hot. Do
not touch hot parts.
Keep children away from the cooker
when it is in use.
Some appliances are supplied with a
protective film on steel and aluminium
parts. This film must be removed
before using the appliance.
When correctly installed, your product
meets all safety requirements laid
down for this type of product catego-
ry. However special care should be
taken around the rear or the under-
neath of the appliance as these
areas are not designed or intended to
be touched and may contain sharp or
rough edges, that may cause injury.
Fire risk! Do not store flammable
material in the oven.
Make sure that electrical cords con-
necting other appliances in the prox-
imity of the cooker cannot come into
contact with the hob or become
entrapped in the oven door.
Do not line the oven walls with alu-
minium foil. Do not place baking trays
or the drip tray on the base of the
oven chamber.
The manufacturer declines all liability
for injury to persons or damage to
property caused by incorrect or
improper use of the appliance.
The various components of the appli-
ance are recyclable. Dispose of them
in accordance with the regulations in
force in your country. If the appliance
is to be scrapped, remove the power
Always use oven gloves when remov-
ing the shelves and food trays from
the oven whilst hot.
Do not hang towels, dishcloths or
other items on the cooker or its han-
dle – as this could be a fire hazard.
Clean the oven regularly and do not
allow fat or oils to build up in the oven
base or trays. Remove spillages as
soon as they occur.
Do not stand on the cooker or on the
open oven door.
Always stand back from the cooker
when opening the oven door to allow
steam and hot air to escape before
removing the food.
This appliance is for domestic use

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