Important Safeguards & Recommendations - Kenwood CK 230 FS Instructions For Use Manual

With electric double oven
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After having unpacked the appliance, check to ensure that it is not damaged and that the
oven doors close correctly. In case of doubt, do not use it and consult your supplier or a pro-
fessionally qualified technician.
Packing elements (i.e. plastic bags, polystyrene foam, nails, packing straps, etc.) should not
be left around within easy reach of children, as these may cause serious injuries.
• Do not attempt to modify the technical characteristics of the appliance as this may cause
danger to users.
• Do not carry out cleaning or maintenance operations on the appliance without having pre-
viously disconnected it from the electric power supply.
• If you should decide not to use this appliance any longer (or decide to substitute an older
model), before disposing of it, it is recommended that it be made inoperative in an appro-
priate manner in accordance to health and environmental protection regulations, ensuring
in particular that all potentially hazardous parts be made harmless, especially in relation to
children who could play with unused appliances.
• After use, ensure that the knobs are in off position.
• Keep children away from the appliance during use.
• Household appliances are not intended to be played with by children. Young children
should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
• Children, or persons with a disability which limits their ability to use the appliance, should
have a responsible person to instruct them in its use.
The instructor should be satisfied that they can use the appliance without danger to them
selves or their surroundings.
• During and after use of the cooker, certain parts will become very hot. Do not touch hot
• Some appliances are supplied with a protective film on steel and aluminium parts.
This film must be removed before using the appliance.
When correctly installed, your product meets all safety requirements laid down for this
type of product category. However special care should be taken around the rear or the
underneath of the appliance as these areas are not designed or intended to be touched
and may contain sharp or rough edges, that may cause injury.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents