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JRC JFV-700HP Instruction Manual: Features

Color fishfinder.
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1.2 Features

This unit has the following features
High Brightness and High Resolution
• The 10-inch high-brightness color CRT monitor displays exquisite and clear video.
• Any color tone can be selected from four types each consisting of a 16-gradation-level signal color
pattern and a background color. A day/night selection function can be used for all types of color tones
in order to enable night operations.
• Since a user color setting function favorably accepted among the users of large-scale fishfinders is
provided, the desired color can be created and used according to the particular conditions of the fishing
area or the type of fish to be detected.
Easy Operations
• The operations panel has the minimum number of keys required, and uses independent controls for
gain adjustment, noise reduction, and debubbling each. High-resolution video adjustments can
therefore be performed according to conditions such as the sea zone, season, and fishing method.
• Various functions can be selected from readily understandable menus. Depending on the selected
fishing area or on the type of fish to be detected, the appropriate function can also be selected and
registered beforehand. In addition, even if a selected/registered function has been inadvertently
modified, its original status can be restored with a single key operation.
High Power 3kW transmitter brings strong echos
• 3kW high power transmitter is built-in 10-inch CRT compact body. High power transmitter ensures
wide-range search from shallow water to deep water.
A Wide Variety of Other Functions
• Simultaneous plotting
Even when the screen display mode is changed, video comparison is relatively easy since the previous
video is momentarily displayed.
• A-scope display
The A-scope split display mode for displaying the fish detection level by a color tone and a width, can
be displayed together with another display just by pressing the required key.
• Identification display (Mixed display mode)
A mixed display mode consisting of two different frequency display modes and one identification display
mode, is provided to allow easier identification of the types of fish.
• Water temperature/water depth graph display (with alarm)*1
A graph of changes in water temperature and water depth, can be displayed in overlapped form on the
fish detection video. Even when a graph is not displayed, water temperature/water depth data is
automatically stored into an internal memory. Therefore, there is no need to display a graph
continuously, and it can be displayed at any time when necessary, with a single key operation.
*1: Water temperature display requires a water temperature sensor.


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