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Warning and Safety instructions
If the connection cable is damaged,
it must be replaced by a suitably
qualified electrician with a specialist
connection cable of type H 05 VV-F
(pvc insulated), available from Miele.
Do not connect the appliance to the
mains electricity supply by a
multi-socket unit or an extension lead.
These do not guarantee the required
safety of the appliance (e.g. danger of
This appliance is not intended to be
operated by means of an external timer
or separate remote control system.
This appliance may be connected
via a fused plug and switched socket. If
you wish to connect it to an isolator
switch, or if the appliance is supplied
without a plug, it must be installed and
connected by a suitably qualified and
competent person in strict accordance
with current local and national safety
regulations. The manufacturer cannot
be held liable for damage caused by
incorrect installation or connection.
In areas which may be subject to
infestation by cockroaches or other
vermin, pay particular attention to
keeping the appliance and its
surroundings in a clean condition at all
times. Any damage caused by
cockroaches or other vermin will not be
covered by the warranty.
Correct use
The grill gets hot when in use and
remains hot for quite a while after being
switched off.
Caution: Danger of burning.
Do not leave the appliance
unattended whilst it is being used.
Overheated fat, oil or food residues in
the lava rocks could ignite and cause a
If oil or fat does catch fire, do not
attempt to put out the flames with water.
Use a suitable fire blanket, saucepan
lid, damp towel or similar to smother the
Do not use the appliance to heat up
the room, and never switch it on with
the heating element in the raised
position. Due to the high temperatures
radiated, objects near the appliance
could catch fire. The life of the
appliance could also be reduced.
For added protection, it is advisable
to use heat-resistant pot holders or
gloves when using the appliance. Do
not let them get damp or wet, as this
causes heat to transfer through the
material more quickly with the risk of
scalding or burning yourself.
Do not flambé under a rangehood.
The flames could set the rangehood on

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents