Cleaning And Care - Miele CS 1312 BG Operating And Installation Instructions

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Under no circumstances use a
steam cleaning appliance to clean
this appliance. The steam could
attack the electrical components
and cause a short circuit.
Pressurised steam could also cause
permanent damage to the surface
and to other components, for which
the manufacturer cannot accept
Clean the appliance regularly,
preferably after each use. Allow the
appliance to cool down to a safe
temperature before cleaning. After
cleaning, the grill must be thoroughly
dried with a soft cloth to prevent a
build-up of limescale deposits.
Abrasive cleaning agents and
scouring sponges may only be used
to clean the heating elements.

Cleaning and care

To avoid damaging the stainless
steel surfaces of your appliance, do
not use:
– cleaning agents containing soda,
alkalines, ammonia, acids or
– cleaning agents containing
descaling agents,
– stain or rust removers,
– abrasive cleaning agents, e.g.
powder cleaners and cream
– solvent-based cleaning agents,
– dishwasher cleaner,
– grill and oven cleaners,
– glass cleaning agents,
– hard, abrasive brushes or sponges,
e.g. pot scourers, brushes or
sponges which have been previously
used with abrasive cleaning agents,
– sharp pointed objects
(these can damage the seal between
the frame and the worktop).

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents