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Cleaning and care
Stainless steel
The Original Miele ceramic and
stainless steel cooktop cleaner is
suitable for cleaning stainless steel
surfaces (see "Optional accessories").
To help prevent resoiling, we
recommend a stainless steel
conditioner (see "Accessories").
Apply sparingly with a soft cloth.
Do not use stainless steel cleaning
agents on printed surfaces. This
would rub off the print. These areas
should only be only cleaned with an
E-Cloth or with a solution of warm
water and a small amount of
washing-up liquid applied with a soft
Racks and lava rock container
Wash the racks and lava rock container
after every use in hot water and a small
amount of washing-up liquid. Soak to
remove heavy soiling, and then scrub
clean with a brush. Leave them to dry
Do not use cleaning agents for
stainless steel on the lava rock
Heating elements
Use a scouring sponge to clean any
residues left on the heating elements.
Lava rocks
To prevent smells, clean the lava rocks
Soak them in a suitable container in hot
water with a small amount of
washing-up liquid, then swirl them
around in the water several times. Pour
away the dirty water, and rinse 2 or 3
times in clean water. Lay the rocks out
to dry on a suitable towel.
Whenever the lava rocks are
washed, the used surface is worn
away. How quickly the lava rocks
wear down depends on how often
they are used and for how long.
If the lava rocks in the lava rock
container are reduced by half, they
need to be replenished.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents