Grilling; Useful Tips; After Grilling - Miele CS 1312 BG Operating And Installation Instructions

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When grilling, keep an eye on the
level of water in the trough. If
necessary, add more water.
When grilling or keeping food warm,
do not use grill pans, griddles,
saucepans or similar on the open
grill, and never cover the rack(s)
(e.g. with aluminium foil). The
resulting build-up of heat could
damage the rack(s).
Do not leave the appliance
unattended whilst it is being used.
^ Turn one or both controls to setting
^ Pre-heat the grill with the rack(s) in
place for approx. 10 minutes.
Make sure the control(s) are set
precisely to setting 12.
If the controls are not set to the exact
position, the heating will not work with
maximum power.
^ Select the setting you require.
^ Turn the food once or more during

Useful tips

– Pat dry wet food with kitchen paper
to absorb surplus moisture and avoid
– To prevent meat drying out, do not
season with salt until after it has
been cooked.
– Marinating often improves the flavour
of food to be grilled.
– Brush food that has not been
marinated with a little oil. Only use
oils that can be heated to a high
– The grilling time for jacket potatoes
and corn on the cob can be reduced
by pre-cooking potatoes for 15-40
minutes (depending on the size) and
corn on the cob for 10-15 minutes.

After grilling

^ Switch off the appliance.
^ Clean the grill after each use while it
is still warm to the touch (see
"Cleaning and care").
^ After grilling check the appearance
of the lava rocks. If they look dark,
they are saturated with oil and must
be cleaned or replaced.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents