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Open barbecue grill
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Grill trough
^ After grilling, allow the water in the
trough to cool down before draining
^ Place a container large enough to
take the contents of the trough under
the drain.
^ Open the drain tap under the grill by
turning it anti-clockwise a.
^ Once the water has all drained, turn
off the tap by turning it clockwise b
as far as it will go.
^ Fill the grill trough with hot water and
a small amount of washing-up liquid,
clean it thoroughly.
^ Drain the dirty water, and clean the
drain with a bottle brush. Rinse with
hot water, and then wipe the grill
trough and the drain dry.
Never use a conditioning agent for
stainless steel on the grill trough.
Cleaning and care
Ensure that the underside of the grill
is always easily accessible for
draining water. Always wait until the
water has cooled down before
draining to avoid the danger of
being scalded.
Do not connect the drain valve
directly to any onsite drainage
outlets. Trough contents must be
drained into a container.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents