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Do not use the appliance as a
resting place for anything else.
When the appliance is switched on
either deliberately or by mistake, or
when there is residual heat present,
there is the risk of metal objects heating
up, with a danger of burning.
Depending on the material, objects left
on the appliance could melt or catch
Switch the appliance off after use.
Installing several appliances
Do not place any hot pots or pans near
the spacer bar as they could damage
the sealing strip of the spacer bar.
Do not cover the appliance, e.g.
with a covering plate, a cloth, kitchen
foil etc. If the appliance is switched on
by mistake, or if there is residual heat,
these materials may catch fire, shatter
or melt.
When grilling or keeping food warm,
do not use grill pans, griddles,
saucepans or similar on the open grill,
and never cover the rack (e.g. with
aluminium foil) or use disposable
aluminium foil containers. The resulting
build-up of heat could damage the
Do not heat up unopened tins of
food on the appliance as pressure will
build up in the tin, causing it to
explode. This could result in injury and
scalding or damage.
Clean the lava rocks regularly and
replace them when necessary. Rocks
which are saturated with fat catch fire
Warning and Safety instructions
The grill trough must always be filled
with water whenever the grill is in use.
When using an electrical appliance,
e.g. a hand-held mixer, near the grill,
ensure that the connection cable
doesn't come into contact with the grill.
The insulation on the cable could
become damaged, giving rise to an
electric shock hazard.
If the grill is built-in behind a
furniture door, it must only be operated
when the door is open.
Close the furniture door only once the
appliance has completely dried out.
Miele cannot be held liable for
damage caused by non-compliance
with these Warning and Safety

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents