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Button Functions - BLADEZ QUANTUM Owner's Manual

Elliptical trainer
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E. Training in TARGET H.R. control
The load difficulty will be auto-adjusted according to the current heart rate received. There are 2
ways the console receives your heart rate:
Through both of the Hand Grip Sensor handles at the bottom of the console
Through the console plug-in Wireless Receiver Module. A heart rate chest strap (optional
accessory available for purchase) must be worn throughout the workout
If your heart rate is under the targeted value, the load difficulty will increase one level each 30
seconds, up to the maximum level 16. As soon as your heart rate is achieved at the target pulse,
load difficulty will decrease one level immediately, and keep decreasing one level each 15
seconds until level reaching level 1.
If the heart rate received is still over (or equal to) the targeted value for 30 seconds when tension
is already at level 1, the console will STOP and sounds 6 audible beeps to remind you as the
training protection.
To stop your training:
F. Training with PRESET function data:
As soon as the preset function data counting down to zero, the console sounds 8 beeps as a
reminder. At this moment, the console will stop the workout. You may press START/STOP
button to start the workout and counting up from the previous data.
G. Interrupt training:
During the workout, you may press START/STOP button to stop the training any time.
H. To reset program:
You may press RESET button to reset the PROGRAM and select the training mode and load
difficulties under STOP mode. By pressing and holding the RESET button for 2 seconds, all data
(including personal data) will be reset completely to factory default.

Button Functions

START/STOP: to start or stop training
to select each function of Time, Distance, Pulse presetting
to increase or to scroll up
to decrease or scroll down
1. To reset each function of Time, Distance, Pulse function figures.
2. To reset program setting and back to initial selection mode with Manual, Program,
User, or Target Heart Rate all blinking display.
to check pulse recovery status – User must use Hand Grip sensors or wears chest strap
TOTAL RESET: to clear all setting to the monitor.

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