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Console Operations - BLADEZ QUANTUM Owner's Manual

Elliptical trainer
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Wireless Heart Rate
Receiver Plug-In
Hand Pulse Sensors
As soon as the pedals are in motion, the console is powered by the chassis backup battery and instantly lit up.
The AC adaptor provided must be plugged in to power the console as well as to charge the chassis battery.
As power applied, the console displays U4 (flashing)
1. To set personal data, use UP or DOWN buttons on the console (see note immediately below) to select
U1 (User number 1) to U4 (User number 4) as the user's identification and press ENTER to accept.
2. Training selection of Manual, Program, User & Target Heart Rate will flash. Press UP or DOWN to
select the desired training mode in MANUAL or PROGRAM (12 different profiles) or USER or TARGET
HEART RATE control (4 different options for training). If training with TARGET HEART RATE control
mode, you need to input AGE data, and press ENTER proceed to next step.
3. Use UP or DOWN to adjust the training LOAD RESISTANCE level from 1 to 16 under MANUAL,
PROGRAM and USER mode.
4. Use UP or DOWN to preset training function data, when each function data has been preset, press


Wireless Heart Rate Receiver Module

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