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Meet-me Answer; Message-waiting/callback; Mute; Name Assignment - Panasonic DBS 576HD Technical Manual

Section 200 general description.
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With Meet-Me Answer, a user can answer a page from any extension without having to run to a
certain phone. All the user has to do is pick up the handset on the nearest phone, and dial the
universal Meet-Me Answer Code (the default Code is ##) to connect to the initiator of the page.
Users can answer their calls from any phone in the building.
Attendants don't have to chase people down to relay important messages.


This is similar to Call Waiting. The difference is, the called party isn't as obligated to call you back
when they get off the phone. The Message-Waiting LED will blink on the called party's phone,
and its LCD will also indicate the Message-Waiting callback request. The called party can go off-
hook and press the MSG key to call you back. Or, he/she can ignore it. (The indications won't go
away, but they won't interrupt anything else from happening on the phone, either.) Priority
message-waiting is available for 3rd party voice mail connections.
A more polite, less urgent way to ask someone to call you back, when they get a
Voice Mail. Whenever users get a new message in their mailbox, this is how the
phone lets them know.


Mute is often used as an alternative to putting a caller on hold. Say a station user is on a call. The
boss walks up and starts silently mouthing words to the user. Instead of putting the caller on hold,
the user can press an FF-key programmed for Mute, to block audio to the outside party (or, if the
call is on-speaker, press the MUTE button). The user can still hear the outside party. But the
outside party can't hear the user or the boss, who can now speak freely. The user can re-
establish audio by pressing the FF-key or MUTE button again.
There is no indication to the outside party (other than silence) that he/she can't hear
the station user anymore.


The DBS 576HD lets you create a more user-friendly, personalized system by allowing various
name assignments that will display on phone LCDs. You can assign names to:
CO Lines
DID/DNIS Numbers
Extension Index
Personal Speed Dial (PSD) Codes
Chapter 4 - Station Features


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