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Assembly Instructions - Teleco Magic Sat 2002A Installation Manual

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1) Position the Control unit in a compartment near the TV set
2) Fix the MIR remote control Extension to a wall or your TV-set and connect it to the
Control Unit.
3) On the roof of the vehicle, choose a free area large enough to allow the antenna to
revolve (Fig. 2).
4) Install the (Grey and White) connection cables to reach the OUTDOOR UNIT
installation area..
5) Clean the roof carefully in the area the OUTSIDE UNIT is to be installed in.
6) Remembering that the OUTSIDE UNIT must be fastened as shown on Figure 3, remove
the BASE PLATE from the outside unit, unscrewing all 4 nuts. Position the base plate
as Fig.4 with the short side towards the driving direction of the vehicle (Fig. 4).


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